pinhole exibition london


pinhole exibition London LSE


Título exposición  - Exhibition title

Vista general - General view

Vista general - General view

las cámaras - the pinhole cameras

El catering





Date: 16-23 february
Venue: Atrium Gallery Old Building
Houghton Street

Inauguration: 16 february 2010
Time 19:30

This exhibition is part of a multidisciplinary project integrating art, marketing research and Spanish language for social sciences. Collaborating with the Spanish section of the LSE Language Centre on this project are:

  • Marketing Department, Faculty of Economics , University of Valencia (Spain
  • and their collection Tinned Cities will bring to LSE a different view of urban spaces. The aim of fotolateras is to act as witness in a society which sees but does not really look at the things around it. They wander the urban lanscapes as baudelarian flaneurs "cooking" new images in their tins, where past and present mix in unique manner. fotolateras remind us that cities can still be lived and experienced as romantic and mysterious landscapes.

In 2007, photographers Lola Barcia and Marinela Forcadell created fotolateras, a project which returns to photography's own roots: light enters through a tiny hole impressing the image on a photosensitive paper. In this digital era fotolateras "cook" their photographs inside a metal tins of cookies, coffee, tea, etc. without a lens, viewfinder or even a shutter. fotolateras mainly tin cities.

Lola and Marinela discovered this tecnique several years ago and now, they want to transmit their fascination with the pinhole technique through their exhibitions and workshops.




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